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I work as a cameraman since 2000, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Graduated as a Senior Technician in Image from the Polytechnic School Sant Ignasi Sarrià, Barcelona, ​​I am specialized in underwater image and wildlife. National Jury (CMAS) of underwater video.

Since the creation of the CARLES CASTILLO – NATURE PRODUCTIONS production company, I have been filming underwater images in different seas and oceans, as well as wildlife in tropical forests and high mountains.
The documentaries produced at the production company are broadcast in more than 83 countries.

My images have been filmed and broadcasted among others to: Air Europa, Televisión Española (TVE S.A.), Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), Discovery, Grupo V, Canal +, Canal 7, Federación Española de Actividades Subacuáticas (FEDAS), Federació Catalana d’Activitats Subaquàtiques (FECDAS), Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Ayuntamiento de Mataró, Xatrac.org, Photomarina, Geonature, CEAB-CSIC, Canal +, Aqualung Spain y Portugal and Cressi España.

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  • NATURE DOCUMENTARIES: I make nature documentaries for thematic channels and specialized magazines. I work on land, sea or air (Drone). I have the best equipment to get the most out of the environment and offer the best results, either in high mountains or underwater.


  • UNDERWATER IMAGING: The underwater image is a very important part of my daily work. Specialized in this sector since 1999, I have collaborated in important projects of different channels such as the Bubbles de TVE, S.A series, or the different reports issued on different thematic channels.


  • AIR: They are related to the world of science. CSIC partner organizations such as Xatrac or HiddenDeserts are examples of clients of this nature.


Complete filming equipment on land, underwater and air in RAW, 6k, 4k, UHD and FULL HD format.

  • LAND: 6k and 4k filming equipment with the latest cameras on the market.

  • SEA: In and out of the water. Top quality underwater filming in 6k and 4k. LED underwater lighting.

  • AIR: Drone 4k.

In addition, we have complete editing and postproduction equipment in 8k, 6k, 4k and FULL HD, colorists, audio editing experts, speakers specialized in documentaries and advertising (TVE2 documentaries, Discovery Channel, etc). A fully specialized team to carry out any project.


Carles Castillo –  Nature Productions (2000 to the present)
Camera operator, editing and postproduction. Underwater and terrestrial image. Nature documentaries.

Reivax Films (2004 – 2011)
Camera operator, editing and postproduction. Underwater and terrestrial image.

Natural Vision Films (2009 – 2010)
Camera and underwater camera operator, recording and editing nature documentaries.

TVE,S.A. (2004 – 2005)
Cameraman. Underwater and terrestrial image.

Discovery Channel (2004)
Cameraman. Underwater image.

Localia Viladecans TV (2003)
Camera operator and information editing.

Photomarina (2003)
Cameraman. Underwater and terrestrial image.

2000 – To present
Conferences and presentations on underwater image.

National Underwater Video Jury


I would like to thank all the sponsors for their full support.

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